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Our team currently consists of over 70 active Drexel University students who have taken the initiative to partake in the Hyperloop competition. These students come from multiple departments within the College of Engineering and from the College of Computing and Informatics. We are committed to producing a successful product while providing Drexel University exposure to the national and international community.

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The SpaceX Hyperloop competition was conceived to accelerate the development of a functional Hyperloop system through the effort of various university-based and independent engineering teams. When the competition kicked off this October, over 1,200 teams had entered. Following a recent evaluation and selection process, SpaceX has invited 120 university teams to either further develop a single subsystem or fabricate a prototype of the transportation pod.

We are thrilled to announce that upon review of our preliminary pod design, SpaceX has extended our team an invitation to participate further in the competition. This January, we will present our final design package to SpaceX, potential sponsors and authorities in the transportation industry at the SpaceX Hyperloop Design Weekend hosted by Texas A&M University.

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